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Frequently Asked Questions

New Customers:

Q. Is your internet service able to stream TV?
A. Most TV streaming services consume 5-10mbps per TV each. So our low package of 25mbps should be able to stream 1-2 TV streams at once.

Q. Is your internet service Unlimited Data Usage?
A. If you subscribe to one of our Unlimited Data plans then you will have Unlimited Data Usage.

Existing Customers:

Q. How Do I change my wifi password or SSID on Cambium Pilot (black) Routers?
A. Please follow instructions here: Click here

Q. How Do I change my wifi password or SSID on Mikrotik (white) Routers?
A. There are no customer changable parameters in the Mikrotik (white) routers. If a customer needs the wifi password changed on one of these routers please contact the office at 419-562-6405

Q. I am wanting to improve my wifi coverage in the house, will a range extender help?
A. We do not recommend or support connections where the customer has installed a range extender or network extender. These devices generally cause more problems than they do good so we recommend customers remove them.

Q. How do I get internet in my other building or garage?
A. The primary wifi router is not made to get internet into another building separate from the house. In these cases the customer can purchase a 300' ethernet CAT5e wire from Amazon (or anywhere else) and run the wire between buildings and then install another router in the other building. In cases where the other building is further than 300' the customer will need to purchase a separate service from us for connection in the other building.

What other ISP's are in the area?

Local TV & Electronics (crawford county / Willard, OH) www.willard-oh.com

HDER (western Wyandot county / Carey, OH) www.hderlink.com

NEXGENACCESS (marion county) www.nexgenaccess.com

MicroXtreme (crawford county) www.microxtreme.net

Watch TV Communications (several counties) www.watchtv.net

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